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12 Get It All Out - feat. Billy Pilgrim & Jacquea Olday (E) (DJ Soy Sos: Same As It Never Been - Re​-​freak Mix)

from INSTANT by Stick Against Stone



Get It All Out - feat. Billy Pilgrim & Jacquea Olday (E) (DJ SOY SOS_ Same As It Never Been - Re-freak Mix)

and its on again
and by the time you catch the riff another song begins
and im on the mend
but wont bend to break
cuz it just dont end w no time to waste
cant do it, gotta get it out
while ya'll just go thru it
make me wanna shout
like muthaphuckaz are clueless
grind till they toothless
while the other side is ruthless
foolish game we pursue w passion
askin, wavin white flags
but they blastin, huh?
caption closed
just another crack in the road
on the path chose that were supposed to act on
shown the map but use a frac-tion
til it overloads
left w only a reac-tion
w a feeling that its coming soon
so i leave it on the floor when i step into the room..
then resume to trip
like they expectin me to lose my grip
oh shit!
dont slip when theyre coming to get ya
and if not, then they make you flip from the pressure
no matter what you got there is always more to measure
and get chopped down if you cant remember
stop for the sound when you cant surrender
talk of the town when they treat you lesser

cant handle it
cant escape
feeling so scandalous
change the pace
and let it unravel
never go to waste after you taste a sample
let it dangle
watch out for the plainclothes
at a different party
but surrounded by the same hoes
you gotta wrk the angles
more than a handful
cuz we're going in they wanna make example
same as it never been
back in the saddle
ride w the wind
so they cant hold a candle
stay vigilant
ready w another salvo
never been innocent
and i feel the imminence
comin off like a militant belligerent asshole
keep you worried bout cashflow
while they screamin praise the lord - pass the ammo
and i speak it in canto
burning from end to end like tobacco
blend with the beat
10 toes in extended from the streets
you misrepresent
but we kept the receipt
you washed up and rinsed out
no need to repeat
dont sleep!
keep running
they comin for yer spot top gunnin
always on your back
cuz you never stop frontin
give love to get
never something from nothing
gotta get it out!


from INSTANT, released November 5, 2015
Remix - DJ Soy Sos
New Lyrics: Billy Pilgrim
Vocals - Jacquea Mae Olday


all rights reserved



Stick Against Stone Brooklyn, New York

Stick Against Stone is a post-punk/no wave band from Pittsburgh, PA that resided in Pittsburgh; Brooklyn, New York; Eugene, Oregon and San Francisco and remained active (in no less than six incarnations) between 1980 and 1990. The band incorporated elements of no wave, world music, free jazz, reggae, avant-funk, rap, spoken word, ska, dub, African, and art-rock into their music. ... more

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